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NingBo Peka hydro-motor Co.Ltd

NingBo Peka hydro-motor Co.Ltd
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No.58,Six road of Dagang, Beilun District,Ningbo City,Zhejiang ,China

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Ningbo peka hydraulic Co., LTD. is a focus on research and development and manufacture of innovative hydraulic drive industry enterprises, in hydraulic winch, planetary reducer, and hydraulic motor design and production, we have 10 years of development experience. Pekka hydraulic technology research and development as the vanguard, independent production, high quality services for security, adhere to the forefront in the industry. Along with it the high speed development of economy, market demand for hydraulic product no longer satisfied with the quantity, and focus on high quality, but most domestic hydraulic product in a mid-range level. Should the market demand, peka hydraulic since early established, is located in manufacturing high quality, low cost, differentiation of hydraulic products. Through cooperation with the local government, peka hydraulic ingoing beilun ningbo garden "intelligent equipment" , laid a solid foundation for the rapid and stable development in the future. PEKA hydraulic products in the investigation of the engineering machinery, mechanical, railway, petroleum, shipbuilding, metallurgy, coal, agricultural machinery, widely used in harbor, cranes, etc. My company's products are exported to southeast Asia, India, Australia, Germany, Africa and other countries and regions.

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  • Hydraulic Winch

    Hydraulic Winch

  • Planetary Gearbox

    Planetary Gearbox

  • Hydraulic Motor

    Hydraulic Motor

  • Concrete Pump Gearbox

    Concrete Pump Gearbox