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Plas-Labs, Inc

Plas-Labs, Inc
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United States of America
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401 E. North Street ,Lansing, MI 48906

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Company established in 1967

Plas-Labs has a global distribution network of over 110 distributors. Our distributors have a proven record of good service, applications expertise, and knowledge of our product line. Many are scientists and engineers with strong technical backgrounds and “hands-on”experience.

Most of our global distributors are family owned businesses. Good service and customer satisfaction are critical to their ongoing business success.

For a complete listing of our distributors (country by country) please the distributors page. Plas-Labs has a global pricing policy maintained on a year long basis. We normally change prices once a year. All quotations are honored for sixty (60) days.

We are proud of our products, their service and durability. Our product warranty is twenty-four (24) months, but not including gloves and consumables.

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  • Glove Boxes

    Glove Boxes

  • Tissue Culture Hood

    Tissue Culture Hood

  • Vacuum Chambers

    Vacuum Chambers

  • Fume Hoods

    Fume Hoods

  • PCR Chambers

    PCR Chambers