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The first Arabic Emarati 4WD Car Sand Storm

Abu Dhabi Emarah yesterday evening on Sunday has witnessed the inauguration party of the first Emarati Car # Sand Storm in Alfursan International sport recreation centre.

Whether you’re jogging, weight training, or catching the bus, your earbuds won't fall out anymore !

Imagine cozy earbuds that offer superior sound and clarity while protecting your ears from painful pressure points and the need for damaging volume levels…You can have it all with SoundMolds SoundMolds are the new generation of custom-fit earbuds that deliver exceptional sound. Created by doctors, each pair of SoundMolds are made specifically to fit the exact shape of your ear. With earbuds that fit, you’ll finally have a pair that won't fall out.

with this button , your phone never drops anymore

Stop dropping your phone. The Lovly Hold Button is the world's smallest phone grip. Instantly, your phone is easy to use one-handed. Plus your phone still looks like the phone you love, not some case. You can take the Hold Button off anytime.


Everyone enjoys an extra few minutes of sleep. Most people spend a few minutes brushing their teeth before starting their day and after the day is through.  With Amabrush, brushing your teeth takes only a fraction of the time.While it may not seem like a lot of time wasted, it adds up to over 100 days’ worth during a lifetime. Amabrush is the first fully automatic toothbrush that finishes the job in just 10 seconds, giving users more time to do more important things. The traditional...

Voltarman is the lastest attempt to keep the wallet relevant in the 21st century

Volterman is the World’s most powerful smart wallet with 5 smart functions:  -no more dead batteries built in powerbank fully charges your smartphone on the go works both wirelessly and with a cable. extremely lightweight and thin -never leave your phone or wallet behind your wallet behind, it sends alarm signals when you leave your phone behind as well! -no more expensive data roaming Wi-Fi Hotspot ensures you have internet, wherever you travel. The internet cost with Volterma...

EBS Block is incredibly adaptable, it’s time to think outside the block.

Have you ever dreamed of living in a home that can be folded up or expanded with only a few simple operations? If yes, this house can make your dream come true. With EBS Block the possibilities are limitless. Homes, office, cafe, school, dormitory, studio, emergency shelter , each EBS Block unit is built to your specification and requirements where the building materials and interior decor can be altered according to your requirements. The utmost advantage which EBS block provides is the reduc...

A smart clock that automagically shows you the right information which you need at the right moment.

Glance Clock is a bluetooth connected digital display clock that can display information from your smartphone. The glance clock can display incoming calls, notifications, weather, appointments or your calender for the day.  The clock supports instant updates of weather, time, sunrise and sunset, as well as support for prayer time alerts. The clock is capable of displaying and customizing the notification interface according to user desire, such as selecting a particular color when receivi...

a mercedes self-driving truck driving itself in Amsterdam !

The Future Bus recently made a 20 kilometre trip from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport to the nearby town Haarlem, which the company claims makes it the first automated city bus tested in a real-life traffic situation."[Future Bus] makes public transport safer, more efficient and more productive," said Wolfgang Bernhard, board member of Mercedes-Benz's parent company Daimler AG."More people can travel from A to B quickly, punctually and in comfort, to the benefit of all: bus o...

World's Most Advanced Personal Mobility Device.

This is Scewo, a mobility device developed by engineering students in Switzerland. The Scewo wheelchair is the second iteration of the original Scalevo project. It is still a demonstration prototype and under active development. The wheelchair is not for sale yet. But let's see what we can already do and how we climb stairs! Our goal is to combine the new technologies and an aesthetic design to develop a new generation wheelchair. It will give back enjoyable and flexible mobilit...

Feel free to take your call in the middle of a coffee shop while keeping your conversations private!

The Hushme is a Bluetooth headset designed to muffle and mask your voice while you're on the phone. It's a personal acoustic device that protects speech privacy in open space environments by using exclusive passive voice suppression and active voice masking technology it has a stylish ergonomic design for long term wear.