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11 February 2018

Like its name, appearance of the gabion sack is like a sack.  According to our manufacturing standarts they have  6x8cm, 8x10cm, 10x12cm mesh sizes and made from twisted hexagonal wire netting. 

They usually used for emergency situations and hydraulic applications. Generally they filled with Stones to maintain a flexible and durable structures. Wires that used while fill and close process will provide withGabion sacks. We manufacture gabions socks from heavy coated, galfan coated and PVC coated wires which provide extra corrosion resistance. 


Technical Specifications Unit Descriptions (For Roll) Tolerance
Product Standarts       TS EN 10244, ISO9001-2000  
Raw Material   Heavy Galvanized Low Carbon Steel Wire, Commercial Galvanized Low Carbon Steel Wire, Galfanized Steel Wire  
Mesh Size mm 60X80, 80X100, 100X120  
Wire Diameter Max mm 3.5 PVC Coated: 4 ±0,05
Coating Weight gr/m²  30-300  ±5
Tensile Strength N/ mm² 380-2000 ±2
Height Max Metre 4.30  
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Turkey   Located : Turkey > Merzifon Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 05300 Kümbethatun Osb/Merzifon/Amasya, Turkey

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