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Spill Berms – Air Chamber Spill Berms

  • Spill Berms – Air Chamber Spill Berms
  • Spill Berms – Air Chamber Spill Berms
Spill Berms – Air Chamber Spill BermsSpill Berms – Air Chamber Spill Berms
USD 100.00
09 July 2018

Air Chamber Spill Berms air wall guardrail is a single building and is made of materials from 0.7mm to 1.5mm. PVC & TPU everything in between. These berms are great when storage is limited. Without metal or plastic parts, rods or foam complicate the folding and form large packages. They are also lighter than other single berms.

Spill Berms provides dependable spill control for leak-prone containers and equipment. Sets up in mere minutes, great for efficiency and quick response under emergency spill conditions. Berm withstands a broad range of chemicals including petroleums and most acids and is durable enough for extended wear. High-visibility against potential catch hazards inside while keeping exterior free from trip hazards found in other berms with exterior support systems.

Features of spill containment berms:

  • Material – heavy duty PVC or  TPU
  • Use of the ambient temperature range, from -30 °C to +70°C
  • Easy setup and storage
  • Fold down stainless steel “L” rods (rods do not have to be removed to fold) for Aluminum Angle Standard Spill Berms
  • Can be used with Decon pools
  • Custom sizes available
  • Snap-up support provides a sturdy sidewall for excellent spill containment
  • 100% usable interior space
  • Easy cleaning and storage allows for repeated use
  • Includes repair kit
  • Custom sizes available
  • Custom Color
  • UV aging, long life
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China   Located : China > Unnamed Road, Yuzhong Xian, Lanzhou Shi, Gansu Sheng, China

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