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15 May 2018

DSM Exportis engaged in the suppling of soft packaging and shipping products (Big-Bags, Liner Bags, inserts to the open wagons).

Liner Bag is intended for the transportation of bulk goods in maritime container, is used for transportation of large quantities of bulk materials.

Insert to the open wagon is intended for the transportation of goods in open wagons. It helps to reduce the loss of the goods during transportation and constitutes additional protection of goods from precipitation.

Big-Bag – is soft polypropylene container with carrying capacity of 0.5 to 2 tones. It is used for storage and transportation of bulk goods (construction materials, food additives, chemical products, bio-fuels, minerals, iron ore products, etc.).

The use of big-bags helps to protect the goods from atmospheric and weather impact, and also simplifies the process of storage and transportation of bulk goods.

During the production of containers we use polypropylene fabric of leading national and foreign producers, which is made with the addition of special additives. These additives slow down the destruction process of polypropylene under the influence of ultraviolet, which significantly reduces the risk of loss of goods during the prolonged storage outdoors.

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Ukraine   Located : Ukraine > Petra Hryhorenka Ave, 23, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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