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DC3600 Dental Unit

  • DC3600 Dental Unit
DC3600 Dental Unit
31 March 2018


الوزن Technical Specifications:

■ Power supply: AC230V,50/60HZ

■ Input power: 1100VA

■ Fuse specification: 51F F6.3AH250V ,5.2*20mm

■ Operation light: AC12V/50VA

■ X-film viewer: AC V/12VA .AC230V/7VA

■ Water supply thermostat: AC220V/24VA,Maximum temperature: 40±5℃.

■ Motor: DC24V/3.8A

■ The burden weight on the operatingplate: 1.5KG

■ Size of the Chair: 180 X 100 X 200cm

■ Size of the package: 160 X 115 X 131cm

■ N/W: 250KG G/W: 320KG



■ Dentalchair DC3600 is imported from Italy which for many years, is the typical stylein Europe, ever-green and long-standing in market. 

■ Meanwhile,equipped with the unique floor-type side box , this series show its top anddistinctness.

■ Furthermore,the side box is characterized by remote controller and freely lifted up anddown, stretched forward and backward, which is convenient for patients to spit and for doctors to operate.

■ Built-inpurified water and disinfectant fluid supply help avoid cross-infection.

■ Beautifulstreamline design of Italy chair create high level dental treatment.

Standard Configurations:

■ ITALYTecnodent original chair + automatically controlled side unit  1set

■ OriginalItaly chair motor  1pc

■ Electricitycontrol system  1set

■ Centralsuction system (Without Vacuum pump)  1set

■ Topmounted large instrument tray  1set

■ Handpiecetube  3pcs

■ Turnableceramic cuspidor  1set

■ Three waysyringe(1for hot ,1for cold)  2pcs

■ Automaticheating water supply  1set

■ Monitorarm  1pc

■ Thebuilt-in water purified system  2sets

■ LEDoperation light   1set

■ Multifunctionalfoot pedal   1set    

■ Dentiststool     2sets



■ Water andsaliva ejection suction system

■ Monitorand camera

■ Dentalhandpiece (import or made in China)

■ Built-inor out scaler (import or made in China)

■ Built-inor out curing light (import or made in China)

■ Dental aircompressor without oil (20L, 30L, 75L......)

■ Dental aircompressor with air dryer

■ Medicalsuction machine

■ Sixway syringe (Italy import)

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